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Our Integrated Medical Centre: provides innovative solutions to patients with unmet medical needs

Our Mission

Our Mission is :

  • To be the premier stem cell facility in the Americas for research and clinical protocols
  • To integrate scientific medicine with evidence-based nutritional therapies.
  • To encourage "radical loving care".

Bio-regeneration is the art of self repair with biological medicine.
It also focuses on preventative strategies to encourage good health.

The Functional Medicine Program is a cutting edge approach to patient treatment and represents a fundamental shift in the approach to conventional treatment of the patient. 

Our treatment plans are architected to put the patient in the center of a team of professional partners in the medical field.
We are trained to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex chronic diseases. See full service list.

Dr. Janice Simmonds-Fisher, MBBS,DNM

Dr Janice Fisher is a medical doctor trained at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. 

Spanning across the globe, Dr. Fisher has done Nutrition fellowship training in the United States, Ecuador, Mexico and Germany. She is also an active member of the American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine.

She has received a Merit of Special Service for missionary work and Order of Excellence from the World Association of Natural Medicine Practitioners. 

Beyond this, Dr. Fisher enjoys time with her husband and two children in their Kingston home.
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